At De Nardis we understand how costly downtime is. One of the best ways to ensure you are not troubled by having a conveyor line go down is to have the proper splicing done on your belts.

We offer three different methods of splicing your conveyor belt together:
» Hot Vulcanize, Cold Bond, and Mechanical Fasteners

All three methods can be done in our shop or on your job site.

Hot Vulcanize: process of skiving back the layers of the conveyor belt, adding uncured rubber and vulcanizing them back together in a heat press. This is the strongest and longest lasting splice available. The most common way to do this splice is for us to transport the press to your site and vulcanize the belt onto your system. Also an excellent system when belt cleaners/scrapers, or magnets are in place on your system. The hot vulcanize is also easier on your pulleys and conveyor system in general.

Cold Bond: process of stripping back the layers of the conveyor belt and bonding it back together with a rubber cement that cures on its own at room temperature. This is a very good splice, especially when there is no room to get the hot vulcanize press in place.

Mechanical Fasteners: There is a large variety of fasteners available which we can use to join the ends of your belt together. We keep in stock a complete line of Fexco fasteners that can suit your needs. Mechanical fasteners are an economical alternative to splicing and with the variety available we can recommend one suitable for your situation.


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